4 Sea Shanties
für 3 Oboen
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EVB  WW07 Partitur & Stimmen


4 Sea Shantie

- Can't you dance the Polka (Capstan)
- Fire down below (Pumping-ship shanty)
- Wiskey Johnny (Halliards)
- Boney was a Warrior (Halliards)

für 3 Oboen

arr. Anna Cooper

Sea Shanties were originally call and response songs, used to help sailors keep a rhythm during tasks, such as hauling the sheets or marching at the capstan bars. The leader, or shanty man, sang the verse, and the crew sang the chorus.

These shanties may be played in any number of ways. The solo (verse) sections are printed in all parts and can be played by one or more players. The chorus section are harmonised with the tune in the 1st or 2nd oboe part. The third oboe part is easer than the others, and doesn't go higher than C.

If you have 3 players of equal level, the shanty may be played 3 times, with each player playing the solo.

For added fun, dress as sailors/pirates for the performance!


Capstan: A revolving cylinder with a vertical axis used for winding a rope or cable,
Halliards: Ropes used for hoisting a sail.

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