de Regt, H. (*1950)

9 Variations on Psalm 56: Miserere mei Deus
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de Regt, Henrik (*1950)

9 Variations on Psalm 56: Miserere mei Deus
für Basson und Orgel

Hendrik de Regt
was born July 5, 1950 Rotterdam - The Netherlands – studied piano and organ in his native town and composition with Otto Ketting, from 1968 till 1972 and from his father Piet Ketting during 1975 till 1984.
Right from the beginning it was clear that melodic and polyphonic elements were to occupy a predominant position in his compositions. From the outset, de Regt's first compositions have stressed melodic and polyphonic lines, though he has placed them in harmonic context. He is drawn to the musical tradition and likes to link early musical elements with modern ones to create a stylistic synthesis.
From 2010 Hendrik de Regt is composing in a strict tonal contrapuntal style and his voice leading became more and more traditional and often he is using the old modes too.
For de Regt, the most important target of a composition is the satisfaction of the performer and listener derive from hearing the piece. A composition has to be comprehensible for all listeners, less or more musical educated!
Composer, performer and listener are always connected with each other like a triad, therefore a composition have to be understandable for the three parts.
De Regt writes and wrote a variety of vocal and instrumental chamber music.
In addition to this Egge-Verlag production, his music is available through Dorn Publications, PRB Productions, Lost in Time Press U.S., Donemus-Amsterdam, and Digital Music Print – Belgium.



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